Solutions: Qualitative researches
  • Format carries out qualitative research to identify the factors that come into play in a given phenomenon, the attitudes and motivations at the base of behaviours, the experience of people, a style, one's own consumer choices, etc.

    • "Exploratory" qualitative studies. Carried out in the context of integrated qualitative/quantitative research methodologies, their purpose is to identify the variables and aspects of interest to be taken into account in the following quantitative phase of a research study.
    • "Diagnostic" qualitative studies. These studies are carried out to understand the motivation of people's behaviour, the reasons for a choice, the emotional content behind that choice, etc.
    • "Creative" qualitative studies. These studies are carried out with the ultimate aim of providing information to support the identification of a solution, contributing to the solution of a problem, helping to define a new format for a product, for an advertising image, etc.

    Format adopts a plurality of techniques for the qualitative analysis, differentiated according to the phenomena under observation:

    • In-Depth interviews carried out by professional researchers
    • Motivational interviews that may be carried out in specifically equipped locations by professional qualitative researchers
    • Focus Group
    • Creative group sessions (for example to identify the characteristics of a product, a brand, to discuss the text of a program, aimed at solving problems, etc.)
    • In-Field observation (mystery shopping)
    • Desk analysis (semiotic analysis: press, TV, radio, web, other media)

    The methodological aspects of the adopted qualitative techniques are described (and agreed upon) with clients in the context of a written and largely detailed methodological note.

    Format provides the CV of the qualitative researchers used to conduct the studies.

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