Solutions: Quantitative researches
  • Identification, description and analysis of phenomena and trends through the study of statistically representative samples.

    Format provides clients with a methodology note describing
    • the sample design,
    • the sample composition ex ante (the "theoretical") sample and ex post (the "obtained" sample, i.e. the sample that was actually used) to carry out the analysis and identify estimates,
    • the confidence interval and the margin of error of the estimates,
    • the sources used for the extraction of sample statistical units and their extraction modes.

    Format uses different data collection techniques based on the phenomena under observation:
     Telephone surveys (Cati System, Computer assisted telephone interview)
    • Surveys based on face to face interviews (may be done with the use of a PC or a tablet. Capi System, Computer assisted personal interview)
    • Postal surveys
    • Surveys based on web interviews (Cawi System, Computer assisted web interview)

    Format uses a rigorous internal process for the quality control of the interviews, both during fieldwork and at the end of the studies:
    • Continuous training of interviewers through briefing and debriefing sessions (also during fieldwork)
    • Constant monitoring of interviewers' work
    • Listening in of interviews during fieldwork
    • Repeat interviews to the people and companies interviewed
    Format provides its Clients with an account on its computing platform for the entry of Cati, Capi and Cawi interviews so that they can verify the work progress however and whenever they wish to do so. The Client can access the system through a normal Internet browser, by means of a password and in "read only" mode, i.e. he/she cannot alter the data.

    Format uses differentiated techniques for data processing and analysis:
     Descriptive analyses
    • Multivariate analyses

    • Cluster analysis (to understand the market segmentation)
    • Analysis of correspondences (to understand market positioning)
    • Conjoint analysis (to understand which factors are important when making a choice)

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