Solutions: Research areas
  • Market Research Studies
    Consumer research B2C (behaviour, attitudes, opinions, preferences).
    Business research such as B2B (company policies, market usages, business models).
    Prediction models. Analysis to identify the trends and the evolution in progress of various phenomena.
    Potential of an area / market, both in Italy and in the main European countries.
    Specific targets or targets that are very difficult to reach and analyse.
    Concept test, product test, communication research (pretest and post-test to evaluate communication campaigns), pricing policies analysis, point of sale market research, product image, brand image.
    Competitive benchmark. Analysis of the competitive system in which a company operates and the factors that affect it.

    For further information, please contact:
    Ms. Barbara Di Cosimo

    Customer Satisfaction Studies
    Research on the delivered quality (e.g. analysis of waiting time for users to obtain a service or queue analysis).
    Surveys on the expected quality (e.g. analysis of the expectations of a given service users about the service itself, how they'd like it to be, how they would like it to be offered, etc.).
    Surveys on perceived quality.
    Analysis of customer satisfaction, based on a comparison between the expectations in terms of quality of the users of a given service and the opinion of the same users on the actual quality they have experienced of the same service.
    Surveys on relative quality. Benchmark between the level of satisfaction of the users of a given service compared with the level of satisfaction of users of similar services offered by competitors.
    Studies on "brand loyalty".
    "Users" may refer to both people and companies.

    For further information, please contact:
    Ms. Gaia Petrucci

    Economy and Finance Studies
    Field studies to analyse the country's economic conditions and the evolution of the market scenarios.
    Structural surveys on companies' characteristics.
    Situation surveys on the trends of companies, consumption and the main economic phenomena.
    Territorial analysis for the assessment of the potential for a territory (municipality, province, region) with reference to tourism, infrastructures, situation of credit and employment, the fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises.
    Sector analysis for the description for example of a sector of economic activity (e.g. , the "the sector of the food industries), the companies it is made of, the number of employees, etc.
    Market analysis with a description of the supply and demand structure for a given market, the analysis of competitive dynamics, the analysis of the market value, etc.

    For further information, please contact:
    Mr. Daniele Serio

    Social and Political Studies
    Opinion polls and research on statistically representative samples of citizens, entrepreneurs and consumers, with the aim of analysing their knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and opinions in order to get to know their attitude towards social, political end economic events, so as to identify the evolution of phenomena and anticipate fashions and trends.

    For further information, please contact:
    Mr. Pierluigi Ascani

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