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    Founded in 1992, Format is a research institute based in Rome that operates in the field of social and economic studies, market research and "survey based" opinion polls.

    Format's mission is to provide data, information and analyses that enable companies, Public Administration and civil society players to reduce the margin of uncertainty at the time of defining their strategic and operational choices.

    Format's methodology is based on a multidisciplinary approach to the study of phenomena that combines the use of the scientific method and the most advanced technologies together with the socio-anthropological analysis.

    Experience in the use of traditional methodologies, together with the use of new research techniques, a propensity for international work and the engineering of processes constitute the cornerstones of Format's vision and translate into clear research results, limited costs and short timings.

    Guaranteed Results
    Developing the skills and actions of the people who work at Format guarantee the quality and reliability of the results provided. Thanks to the organization of the work in "projects", the project leaders of each research study can work autonomously and in permanent contact with Clients.

    Format works,and has worked on behalf of Italian Government agencies, professional associations of employers and workers, research centres, banks and large companies.

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